New Power Supply For Your Apple IIe/IIGS

One of the problems with using Apple IIe/IIGS hardware is the power supplies. Needless to say, they didn’t build them to last. My options were to recap my existing power supplies or look for an alternative. I decided to go the alternative. I did have some old AT style power supplies laying around, but I didn’t know how much life there was left in them. So I decided to go brand new. Found them on I think they were around $16 each. Bought 2, since I am building one for an Apple IIe and the other for an Apple IIGS. You must make sure that they are AT style power supplies because they are the only ones that have ALL the power requirements for the Apple IIe/IIGS computers. For the wire between the power supply and the computer, I used some sprinkler wire from Ace Hardware. I could not find the molex power plugs that goes into the motherboards, therefore, I had to cut them off from an existing power supply. I left enough wire on both ends in case I do decide to recap the old original power supplies.

All that is left to do is cut the correct wires from the power supply, wire them to your extra wire, then wire it to your power molex. Be sure to double check your wiring to make sure you have everything wired correctly. I soldered all my wire connections and used heat shrink on the soldered connections.


Yes I know, not the prettiest thing to look at. But, it does provide rock solid power to my Apple IIe/IIGS computers. AT power colored wiring and pin outs of power molex connectors and sockets can be found all over the web.