Human Origins: Another View


The first historical reference discovered was to a group of beings representing a creator class  simply  called  the Progenitors,  a  powerfully  advanced  group  of  distant  celestial origin.  This group was often referred to by the others as simply the Gods, the Creators or Progenitors.

The origins of the Progenitors begins in Zeta Reticuli. The  Progenitors  en  masse  left  for  the  Sirius  System. And  the reason  for  that decision is not known; however, what is known is that the Progenitors migrated and occupied two planets in the Sirius System from that point on. For millions of years the Progenitor race lived in Sirius before deciding to expand and investigate a newly discovered solar system rich with compatible resources; ours.

Thus the progenitor group left the Sirius System for our own; the planet Mars specifically. Although desolate, Mars  held  a rich compatible atmosphere full of space for colonization. They settled Mars and thrived for 100,000 years. After a cataclysmic event caused by an asteroid, it nearly exterminated the Progenitors; something had also left them sick and vulnerable to the surface environment there on Mars which had been permanently changed by the impact.

The Progenitor race decided to leave Mars and move to Earth (about 200 to 250 thousand years ago). But coming to Earth would mean taking on some high levels of genetic engineering to force quick physiological adaptations to survive here. After trying to force quick mutative adaptations, much failure had led them to concede in creating a new successor race with their own genetic foot print.

The Progenitors created the Anu (Anunna, possibly also translated as ‘Anunnaki’); the first (Earth-born) genetically enhanced Progenitors to succeed them. They also chose to create the Elaoh (Greys) at this same time, to serve the Anu and to oversee the human slave populations. This group was made to serve as a demigod for Homo sapiens, to be used as a method of control over humans, and as a means to avoid interaction (with) humans, although this prejudice changed.

The Eloah or Greys as a newly created genetic sub-species of scant Progenitor home world life forms, with no Progenitor DNA themselves; created by the Progenitors through a selection of predetermined traits extracted from alien life forms.

When the Anu too became sick, just like the Progenitors; they needed to create an offspring genetically enhanced and better suited for surviving on Earth. They created Austra Albus, also called Illumina, Light Bringers, and the Immaculate  Ones. This group was a pure lineage, and was around for thousands of years after the Anu had perished. Before the Anu died off they warned the Austra Albus of the threat the Eloah (Greys) could one day pose; and to prepare for it and to never allow their numbers to become too large, and to restrict their interaction with the indigenous populace as they might become too powerful to control one day. These words would be very prophetic. About 10,000 years ago there was a revolt against the Austra Albus by the Eloah, the Greys. The revolt was prompted from both treachery and betrayal within their groups.

Unfortunately, The Austra Albus were handed the same fate as their progenitors. Their modified genome began to fail them. Unexpected changes in the Earth’s environment, mostly greater levels of radiation from the sun, began to corrupt their DNA.Their only salvation would come through splicing their own genes with humans to produce a new species capable of successfully interbreeding with.

The Austra Albus was an intimidating figure; very tall with super pure gray/white skin (no color), with a vast variety of eye colors.  Just like the Anu, and Progenitors. Their bone structure was much more pronounced than that of the soft rounded human appearance. The Austra Albus possessed a more linear and hardened appearance defining their skeletal facial structure. There faces were longer and thinner, and their eyes twice as large, not at all like human eyes. There were no visible “whites of the eye” (the sclera), just a beautiful array of light colored irises and transparent pupils that resembled clear pools of reflective liquid.

After the successful creation of the first generation of species able to interbreed, the results produced the first true generation of people whom the Austra Albus immediately accepted. They accepted them for their beauty and for the diversity of the appearance, which was a striking difference to the Austra Albus who shared a strong consistent commonality in appearance.

But in addition to the beauty was the greater level of simplicity of the new hybrid species genome, which was now almost identical to their own, thus allowing them the ability to better understand it, and to seemingly change it at will.

But despite the initial successes, the new hybrid species was not attaining the intellectual capacity of the Austra Albus and more work would be required to elevate their abilities. This would mean augmenting the layered structure of the new species cerebral cortex. It took some time but they were able to create a large enough cortex to allow the species to grasp advanced language skills, higher mathematics and the many sciences.

Once they accomplished this, the new species proved far more capable and even formidable as a counterpart than they had envisioned. But still the Austra Albus was mostly revered by all the generations of those who they had created.

The earlier created “imperfect generations” died off; as they were never allowed inter-breeding with any later generations. And this resulted in the perfected version that they had hoped for. This later newest hybrid species they created is the modern humans.

The Austra Albus would create two castes; the elite caste and the worker caste. The elite caste would carry on the Austra Albus lineage and become the subsequent ruling caste. The worker caste would simply be a servant/worker caste.

Today the elite caste represents a secret group of high powered, selective wealthy elitists. And this lineage is a Alien-Human hybrid line. It is also known as the modern day Illuminati.

The  Eloah  (Greys)  are  a  complete  alien  genetic  creation  of  the  Progenitor  species, a mutant sub-species with NO Progenitor  DNA. They were created by using genetic material from the Progenitor home world and biological life forms discovered along the way here; to our solar system.  Later, here on Earth, the Greys themselves augmented their genome with earth based Animal, Insect and even human genetics to try to remain alive. All attempts to incorporate human genetics failed in horrendous genetic mutations, so in the past, there were no Grey/Human hybrids, only Austra-Albus/Human hybrids. That is, until now.

The Greys have always possessed an innate inability to reproduce; by design from the progenitors to ensure they never grow too large or powerful. Everything must be done artificially in a lab. The Greys are pieced together using scant genetic materials,  having  to  renew  every  several  decades  or  so,  forced  to  produce artificially and subsist off of the protein solutions they make from mammals.

A Grey sub-species which possessed reptilian traits, called the Scimitor once existed to serve as a soldier caste, but that they are now extinct. It says these Scimitor were normal Eloah (Greys) modified through a battery of bio-genetic splicing experiments. The outcome of which led to a bigger stronger and equally as intelligent group of Greys to contend with. And that was a real problem. Also, their outer epidermis was successfully designed to be transparent, covering a layer of controllable unique cell formations that had special pigment properties. This allowed them a unique and special ability. Like a Chamelon they could assume the color of their surroundings and become invisible to the untrained eye.

But the problem was that with the very limited resources on hand to sustain the dwindling and weakening Grey population; having a newer larger, stronger and equally intellectually capable group to contend with was not what they had envisioned. So this program was ended immediately to the dismay of some.


So, let’s go ahead and include the following.

The Anunnaki were sumerian creation gods. Unlike the modern biblical tales, the sumerian pantheo was polytheistic. meaning they had many gods of different rank. The sumerians credited creation with the Anunaki, man too was among their creation. The gods Enki and his sister Ninhursag fashioned mankind in their image. Enki was the second in command under his brother Enlil. Enlil was the lord of earth and in control of the god’s work here. Which consisted of farming and mining. With this being said the Anunnaki were not the only “Gods” in the sumerian pantheon. There was also a lower tier of gods called the Igigi or “Those who watch and see”.The labour on the fields were carried out by gods of second rank, the Igigi, on behalf of the more important gods, the leaders, called the Anunnaki.The Igigi revolted and went on strike protesting before their chief employer Enlil. No work on the fields eventually means famine, so the gods panic and convene a general assembly, this time presided by the chief Anu himself. The solution proposed by the intelligent Enki is to create mankind who would have as prime duty to
work on the fields, to fulfill the role of servants towards the gods. Men feed, cloth and shelter the gods and thus replace the labour done previously by the Igigi, and this is why man has to work so hard.. Their sole purpose is to be devoted to the gods.

The story of the Igigi (fallen angels). These lesser gods revolted against the Anunnaki, the highest ranks of the gods on earth. The grievance was so great that the sky father, Anu, had to be present to hear and resolve the problem. It is also important to note tha the Sumerians were the first peoples to write the tale of the great flood. In this tale we learn that Enlil grew weary of the clammerings of man. He debated mankind’s destruction with the other Anunnaki. Enlil’s brother Enki protested the flood but was ruled against. Man was to be swept away in a great flood. Secretly, Enki spoke to a man named Ziusudra and told him how to create an ark to survive the coming flood. This tale is echoed in the Akkadian/Babylonian tale of Gilgamesh and also in the Hebrew Torah, in the tale of Noah. Since the Hebrews progenitor, Abraham was from the Babylonian city of Ur. It makes sense how this “Legend” grew its roots.

The Igigi interbred with humans, which gave birth to the Nephilim. The Nephilim were described as a race of giants. They were renowned for their strength, prowess, and a great capacity for sinfulness. The Nephilim were gigantic in stature. Their strength was prodigious and their appetites immense. Upon devouring all of humankind’s resources, they began to consume humans themselves. The Nephilim attacked and oppressed humans and were the cause of massive destruction on the earth. They were also into human sacrifice as well as manipulating the genes of species. Some Nephilim were rumored to have survived the flood.


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